New MRPI-EPD verification protocol 4.0 including EN 15804 Amendment A2
Schermafbeelding 2020-11-05 om 21.06.26.

MRPI® is the Dutch member (program operator) of the European ECO Platform and thus publishes EPDs for the European market. Recently Amendment A2 is published as the successor to Amendment A1 of EN 15804. The ECO Platform has launched guidelines how program operators should deal with the recently launched Amendment A2 for EN 15804. In order to harmonize the approach and facilitate the transition to EN 15804 + A2 the EPD program operators (POs) organized in the ECO Platform have agreed the following measures:

  • Firstly, the transition period from Amendment A1 to Amendment A2 is relatively long (3 years from November 2019);

  • POs will continue to verify and publish EPDs following EN 15804 + A1 as long as the market requires it (and the standard is in force);

  • In order to avoid confusion all ECO Platform EPDs following EN 15804 + A2 will bear a reference to said standard on the title page;


With the new MRPI®-EPD verification protocol V4.0 Stichting MRPI® can facilitate the verification according to Amendment A2 of EN 15804. The client can now choose how the EPD is published depending on the market; Dutch and European market or solely European market. If you have questions left send an email to